Happy Paw-lidays!

It’s that time of year again for all of the traditional holiday decor to come out of storage. Holiday decorations in pet family households can be frustrating and even dangerous. Some families may not even be able to put up holiday decorations due to the mischievous behavior of their four legged family members. But, with the right planning and forethought, every household should be able to decorate to celebrate the season! Here a few tips and tricks:

1. Place more breakable ornaments at the top of your tree that are out of reach from furry friends.

2. Use dumbbell weights or heavily weighted blankets to secure the bottom of your tree from tipping over.

3. Place presents/boxes close to the bottom of the underside of your tree to prevent cats from gaining access to the trunk to climb.

4. Offer cats other elevated perching and climbing areas nearby with access to windows to distract them from the Christmas tree itself.

5. Secure wires for lights to prevent dangling pieces from being chewed on.

6. Create boxes that your cats are allowed in using old cardboard boxes and leftover wrapping paper. This will distract them from the items you don’t want them to touch!

7. Use Feliway or Adaptil pheromones to prevent cats and dogs from being stressed by all of the extra holiday flair in their home.

8. Avoid using hanging ribbon that pets can eat or food for decorations. Fabric and string are some of the most commonly ingested items by pets (it’s so much fun to play with), but it can also cause the most danger internally too.

9. Use a baby gate around your Christmas tree to prevent dogs from chewing on ornaments and other decorations.

I hope some of these tips and tricks help you to have a safe and happy holiday season! Share some of your tips and tricks to help others below!


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