Product Review: Snoozer Cozy Cave

There are many companies beginning to manufacture “luxury” pet beds, but how do you know which one to purchase? In particular the online mattress companies, Casper and Purple, are charging a pretty penny for a pet sized version of their latest and greatest internet sensations. Are they worth it? Can they actually stand up to animal use?

A family member of mine recently made me aware of a new luxury pet bed on the market called the Snoozer Cozy Cave. I was a bit skeptical at first, like the mattress companies versions, due to the cost and the notion that pet beds infrequently last long due to the excessive wear and tear they withstand. Low and behold, my dog loves it! During New England winters, my dog is always looking for a warm place to lay that keeps her short-coated body covered. She had to learn to open the “hood” up on her own, but as soon as she got the hang of it, it quickly became her favorite place to rest. It comes in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and sizes, so we were able to pick one that matched the rest of our interior decor.

Dr. Diva’s Product Review: Snoozer CozyCave

  • Affordability: P1186

These beds are very pricey, and for someone that usually doesn’t spend more than $30 on a pet bed, this was a hard pill to swallow. It would be nice if you could try the bed out for a short period of time risk free.

  • Functionality: P1186P1186P1186

This bed is extremely functional particularly for dogs with short coats living in colder temperatures. But, for any dog that insists on going under the covers like mine, it makes for a great resting spot. There is a fairly short learning period for opening the “hood” on their own, but my dog caught on pretty quickly.

  • Durability: P1186P1186

I haven’t tried washing it yet, and it surprisingly hasn’t gotten soiled or started to smell, so I’m unsure on durability of the outer washable cover. But, from the feel of the material, I have good faith it should stand up to the washing machine rather well. It has stood up to both the dogs and cats nails on it thus far which is rather impressive!

  • Overall Veterinarian Rating: P1186P1186

Overall, this pet bed is excellent! Consider this a splurge when you’re finally tired of purchasing cheaper bet beds. It’s not a necessity and certainly not something I would purchase for a potty training puppy. But, when your canine friend is house broken and looking for their favorite resting spot, this bed will certainly fit the bill!

See Snoozer’s website for further product information.

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