National Poison Prevention Week: Lillies

It’s National Poison Prevention Week, so I am writing special blog posts about common household toxins to your pets!

Many households this time of year will begin collecting the common Easter Lilly in celebration of the upcoming Easter holiday. Did you know that the Easter Lilly is toxic to your cat? Additionally, did you know that there are several other types of lillies that are toxic to your cat?

Lilly ingestion can cause sudden kidney failure and damage about 24-72 hours after ingestion. It requires immediate emergency medical attention.

  • 1492036262-safetyalertcatlilies
  • Lillie’s that have been documented as being poisonous to cats are listed below. If you are unsure if a plant is poisonous or not to your cat, contact the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Helpline at 888-446-4435.
  • Scientific name Common name
    Hemerocallis species Day lily
    Lilium x asiatica Asiatic lily
    Lilium x asiatica americana
    Lilium candidum Madonna Lilly
    Lilium hydridum Japanese showy lily
    Lilium lancifolium
    (Lilium tigrinum)
    Tiger lily
    Lilium longiforum Easter lily
    Lilium orientalis Stargazer lily; oriental

    Lilium regale Royal lily
    Lilium speciosum
    Lilium rubrum Rubrum lily
    Lilium umbellatum Western or wood lily

Lilly ingestion requires several days of hospitalization including intravenous fluids, periodic blood work to track and monitor kidney values, and urine output tracking. Depending on the severity of clinical signs, this can be a very serious and guarded prognosis emergency visit. Any amount of Lilly ingestion, including all parts of the plant are equally as dangerous. Lillie’s should be avoided altogether in homes with cats to avoid accidental ingestion.

Great care should be taken when keeping toxic substances in your home. Be sure to lock away toxic items to your pets just as if they were your children. Safety and prevention is our number one concern during National Poison Prevention Week!

If you have any questions that weren’t answered about this or any other toxin, please post it below.

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