Acupuncture Rocks!

I started treating a very special canine friend 8 weeks ago with acupuncture. He has been suffering from osteoarthritis for a long time. He has had both of his knees operated on for ligament injuries and he has started losing muscle mass in his back end. This lack of muscle mass means he now has even more trouble with stairs and everyday activities he used to enjoy like playing around the house. His owner sought the best treatments for him to bring him back to his usual self. Chronic pain medications, cold laser therapy, and even CBD oil. It was all helpful, but didn’t have the results they were looking for. Acupuncture was recommended as the next treatment option. We setup an evaluation determining that this canine friend was not only suffering from back end pain, but also had compensatory injuries in the forelimbs that were contributing to his demeanor. I was so pleased after the first acupuncture treatment to hear that my new friend was bouncing around the house and acting like a puppy again! Although his injuries are still present and have not gone away, acupuncture is helping to manage his pain. Acupuncture needles placed in areas of his body that stimulate local neurovascular bundles aid in diminishing pain, reducing inflammation, and bring a patient the joy back to life. The needles may seem scary to some, but many patients actually fall asleep during acupuncture treatments because they are so relaxing. Acupuncture Rocks!!

Do you have questions about veterinary acupuncture? Post them below!

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