Product Review: Sleepypod Pet Carriers


How many carriers have you purchased for your pets? Do they get destroyed and look crummier after every time they are used? I’m right there with you. The first cat I ever owned, I purchased 6 carriers in the 12 years that I owned him. That’s a new carrier every other year! Realistically, I don’t think I used the carrier that much in that short time frame. The carriers would have zippers that fell apart, were not washable when a mess was made, thin mesh that would rip when claws touched it, etc. The conclusion I’ve come to is that carriers are not built to last and are not built to stand up to the rigors of actually carrying a pet. Add in an overweight pet – it’s extremely difficult to find a carrier that won’t sag under pressure.

About 4 years ago, I purchased a Sleepypod Pet Carrier. I needed a carrier that was durable, had capabilities to open completely flat, could fit under an airline seat, and was completely washable. The Sleepypod Pet Carrier checked all of these boxes. My pets have urinated, defecated, and drooled all over these carriers – throw it in the washing machine and TA-DA! They are good as new! From an aesthetic standpoint, this carrier comes in many color options and many styles, which is a bonus.


Sleepypod’s website advertises them as the top performer in mobile pet carriers in 2015 by the Center for Pet Safety.

Another bonus of this carrier is the versatility to transition from being used over-the-shoulder to car seat. I love it! All of their carrier varieties buckle into seat belts making them extremely safe for your pet in the car. Sleepypod’s website advertises them as the top performer in mobile pet carriers in 2015 by the Center for Pet Safety. All of their products produced are top safety rated for pets. A pet product company that is as devoted to pet safety and care as me – I’m in!



Dr. Diva’s Product Review: Sleepypod Pet Carriers

  • Affordability: P1186

These carriers are very pricey – there’s no question about that. Each color and style has different pricing. It is best to visit this company’s website for pricing information. They are also available through Amazon Prime for the Prime members out there. So far, this is the longest lasting carrier I have ever purchased (and I own two) so the price is worth it since it doesn’t need to be replaced. Also, thinking about the safety testing that goes into production of these products makes me feel better about the pricing.

  • Functionality: P1186P1186P1186

This carrier is extremely functional with multiple uses and ease of use. There are pockets to store your personal belongings like credit cards and cell phones, if needed. Storage for these carriers is a little bulkier than other carriers but many of the styles can fold almost completely flat. I would take care to prevent the shaping from bending in storage as this can decrease functionality.

From a pet standpoint, these carriers are extremely functional. It is easy to place a pet into the carrier and to get them back out again. Also, how many of our pets want to hide in the safety of their carriers in a stressful situation? These carriers have a “blackout” appearance making the pets feel more safe and secure inside when stressed.

  • Durability: P1186P1186P1186

This carrier is able to stand up to nails, drool, and more! The wear and tear from the washing machine and all of my pets have not been able to damage these carriers. Durability is extremely important in a pet carrier and this plays a huge factor in this evaluation. Also, even after so many washings, these carriers retain their new appearance.

  • Overall Veterinarian Rating: P1186P1186

Overall, this carrier is excellent and definitely worth the investment. This carrier’s functionality and durability are incredible. The carriers are not as affordable as others but it won’t need to be replaced as often as more inexpensive carriers. This veterinarian likes the ability to completely zip open the carrier in a veterinary hospital setting and have easy access to the patient inside. This creates less stress on the pets, owners, and veterinary staff members. I think it will be the last carrier you ever purchase!

See Sleepypod’s website for further product information.

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