Product Review: Drinkwell Pagoda Pet Fountain

Water fountains can be helpful for pets for a variety of reasons. But, finding a good quality water fountain for the price can be a challenge. Many pet stores sell plastic versions which can actually be more detrimental to your pets over time as the plastic harbors bacteria in micro-excoriations that cannot be properly cleaned. Ceramic and stainless steel fountains are best for this reason. Dr. Diva uses the Ceramic Drinkwell Pagoda Pet Fountain in her home with moderate effectiveness. It comes in multiple colors to fit any home’s decor. You will need two types of filters for this fountain – a charcoal microscopic water filter and a foam macroscopic water filter. The idea is that both filters are eliminating different sized contaminants from your pets water supply.

Why does my pet need a water fountain? Isn’t a bowl of water just fine?

Cats especially can need some encouragement to drink water. The trickling sound of water that water fountains produce help to encourage proper hydration of your pet. All pets will benefit from fresh, aerated water from this type of fountain. Any pet with a medical dehydration concern would benefit from a water fountain rather than a water bowl.


Dr. Diva’s Product Review: Drinkwell Pagoda Pet Fountain

  • Affordability: P1186P1186P1186

The fountain costs about $60 and comes with filters for first usage. Additional filters will need to be purchased as they have to be replaced semi-frequently. Good news is, the filters can be purchased in bulk, making them more affordable.

  • Functionality: P1186P1186

The fountain functions well and will run continuously, once set up. It does require semi-frequent filter changes in a bi-weekly and monthly routine to maintain effectiveness. The fountain does buildup noticeable film after every week of use. It is recommended to clean at least once weekly with soap and water to maintain cleanliness. This maintenance can be daunting to do a regular schedule, but is well worth the positive effect for your pets.

  • Durability: P1186P1186P1186

The fountain is extremely durable and stands up well to abuse from pets. No chips or cracks noticed in three years of usage so far (and a couple of household moves).

  • Overall Veterinarian Rating: P1186P1186P1186

Overall, this veterinarian recommends a fountain, such as this one, be used in every home. Other comparable products may not live up to the hype or veterinarian approval, but this one is an excellent choice. The regular maintenance of cleaning and filter changing is really the only big negative, but we would be regularly cleaning a stagnant water bowl, too, right?

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