Product Review: PortionPro Rx

What is the PortionPro Rx?


If you could have one pill, that could single handed-ly improve the life of your pet, would you do it? Consider the PortionPro Rx that pill! The PortionPro Rx is a feeding system that automates and controls the amount of food your pet is eating over the course of a day. The intention is to restrict access of certain foods to certain pets, so that each individual is eating the appropriate food and quantity that is meant for them. Together, with your veterinarian, a specific amount of food can be programmed for daily feeding and divided from 2-6 meals per day for optimum portion control. In multi-pet households, where behaviors like food stealing, food aggression, food guarding can often be a problem, feeding time can be frustrating at best. With the PortionPro Rx’s ability to restrict access to food from certain pets through RFID tags, it can help to eliminate these inappropriate behaviors. It can also be an integral piece in managing life long health conditions that require veterinary prescription diets for weight management, cardiac health, urinary, and renal health.

Dr. Diva’s Product Review: PortionPro Rx

  • Affordability: P1186

With a price tag of $289, this is not an inexpensive investment. Multi-feeder discounts are available and word on the street has it that payment plan options are coming down the line. With some veterinary prescription food brands, discounts are offered on food refills if you already have a feeder in your household. When payment plans become available, this product will be super affordable to the majority of pet homes.

  • Functionality: P1186P1186

The ease of use of this product is stellar. Essentially, you set it, and forget it! Alerts will notify you of inactivity at the bowl if your pet is not eating. But, you do have to check the product’s built-in screen to receive these alerts. Dr. Diva would like to see an advanced model that has Bluetooth functions connected to an app on your smartphone for even easier usability.

  • Durability: P1186P1186P1186

The durability tests on this product are impressive and excessive, proving to this veterinarian that it can handle anything your pet may throw at it. No more complaining that your cat or dog got into the food jar!

PortionPro Rx Durability Test

  • Overall Veterinarian Rating: P1186P1186P1186

Despite the affordability concerns, the PortionPro Rx has a lot to offer both families and pets. With versatility of scheduled meal times and portion control settings, this is the ideal product to solve all of your obesity and food stealing issues in multi-pet households. Studies show that furry friends kept at appropriate weights are overall happier, healthier, and more likely to live longer lives. With the ability of the PortionPro Rx to help keep a pets weight under control, you can vastly improve the quality of life of your furry friends. And with the ease of use, your family’s stress at mealtimes will also be improved! My goal as a veterinarian is always to improve a pets lifelong wellness and I see great potential in the ability to do so with this product. Overall, this veterinarian thinks it is an excellent choice for any household!

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